Posted by: Susan | October 22, 2010

Yes you can!

I am thinking about starting a weekly tradition of posting a “helpful hint” every Friday.  I have way too many of them according to my oldest daughter Jenny.  Maybe if I post some here I won’t have so many to her:)

I taught both April and Jake how to write………..manuscript.  Yep, I taught them how to print.  I must be a gifted teacher you are saying to yourself.  No, I found an excellent, cheap resource.  This program was developed by an occupational therapist years ago.  When I first used it I think there were only 2 books available plus the teacher guides.  It is called Handwriting Without Tears.  You can find it here  Go to this site and look around for some great ideas and workbooks.  The student workbook is only $7.25.  Same for the teacher guide.  If your child with DS is struggling with learning how to print I would get this to use at home.  Remember it will take time, lots of time, for your child to master this skill.  This approach starts out by practicing making all kinds of lines and squiggles.  Then progresses to practicing one letter at a time.  There is a clever little song that goes along with it printed on the back of each book.  I would photo copy the pages because my kids would need to practice the letters more than one time.  Here is an example of what you can make with ‘magic c’…….a, d,g and q.  Who knew?  You can also get manipulatives to use with the program.  They are actually wooden curves and narrow rectangles that you use first to practice making the letters without having to write them.  Jake played with these for hours.  You will love this program!   We also used their Cursive Book and both kids can write in cursive, but really who uses it anymore except to sign your name?   I sent a copy of the Cursive Book to school for the teacher to use with Sam.  This summer Sam, without any prompting from me, signed his name in cursive on his state ID.  Yes you can……. teach your child to print!

Friday Helpful Hints………..I like it.

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