Posted by: Susan | October 25, 2010


Check out this face.

This was Sam about  2 weeks before he was diagnosed with Celiac disease.  The picture way taken May 29th, 2009.  Sam’s diet contained lots and lots of bread- the worst thing he could be eating.   That little body was being destroyed and I didn’t even know it.  In January 2009 he weighed 67 lbs. and was 53 inches tall.  I think he was in the 10% on the DS growth chart.

Fast forward to today.  People that haven’t seen him in several months keep commenting on how tall he is getting.  Now,  1 year and 5 months since he started eating gluten-free, he is 59 inches and 93 lbs.  Amazing growth, 6 inches and 26 lbs!  Remember to ask you pediatrician to run the blood test for Celiac every several years.   His first test  was negative.  Five years later he tested off the charts for celiac.

You go grow Sam!


  1. What a cutie – good job diagnosing him yourself! Guess mom knows best huh?

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