Posted by: Susan | October 26, 2010

Clever title – not!

It was one of  ‘those’ mornings today.  Jake had to try on 3 pairs of shorts. Sensory issues aren’t a big thing in our house but we have a few.  If Jake’s jeans or shorts don’t feel just right he won’t wear them.  His  favorite shoes weren’t working (his words), and we couldn’t find his Science folder.  I of course wanted to review one more time for his Astronomy test today.  “Jacob, earth is ________ a Jovian planet.”   “Not, Mom!”  “Go upstairs and find some other shoes.  Run, the bus will be here soon.”  Jake slowly walks up the stairs.  In addition to that we are preparing for major thunderstorms and high winds this afternoon.  Chairs,  plants and Halloween decorations are being secured.

Only Jim can come up with a Patriotic Halloween Theme…………………………..

In the midst of this I thought about an e-mail a friend sent that contained this.

Yep, I need to do more of the above.  I also need to get Jake up earlier and have him pick out his own shorts/pants the night before.  A little more planning and a little less hurry up!

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