Posted by: Susan | October 29, 2010

Dinner with friends.

I love having people come for dinner.  First it makes me clean my house!  All women know this drill-clean and cook.  Last night we had some of our very favorite friends join us.

We talked and talked and talked.  And by that I mean even the kids.  What a natural way to practice social skills.

April is showing off her new Twilight pins that our darling friend gave her.  Sam is being his usual Rock Star self.

Jake, not to be one upped by April, ran and got this Twilight picture he downloaded at school.  I love the computer class he is taking at school. 

It seems like the kids are always on their best behavior when we have company.  Maybe it was the candles and lit pumpkin we had on the table.

After dinner Jake and Sam entertained us with a performance of Thriller.  Sam was Michael Jackson and Jake was a zombie….. 

Lots of love, laughter and memories and it was all around dinner.


  1. What a wonderful evening! Thank you!!

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