Posted by: Susan | November 1, 2010

We had a blast!

Sunday was very busy and fun.  I took April to Kings Island to turn in her uniforms.  Work is over for another season.

Sam had Kids for Christ at church.  They made pillows and blankets for the Linus Project.

Trick or treating was so fun… Liz came over and took the boys trick or treating.  They didn’t  have to go with their mother, how embarrassing.  April, Jim and I passed out candy and 96 hot dogs and 96 bottles of water.  The dogs and water were provided by our church.  We had over 200 trick or treaters!

Loved this costume and the dog Bella.  I left the red eyes because it just works.

We had so many cute neighborhood kids come to our house.  Not many pictures of the boys because they were going around the neighborhood like everyone else.  Our kids just fit in here.  They are part of the community and everyone knows them.  One little problem happened.  The police patrol on Halloween and pass out candy.  The officer below stopped to tell us we needed a vendor’s permit to hand out hot dogs.  Oh, wait a minute, that was the trick.  We really didn’t need that permit.  He had us going for a minute.

What a great day.  I even managed a power nap!

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