Posted by: Susan | November 2, 2010

Give them more control!

In my quest to make my teenagers and young adult become more independent I realize I have to give them more control.  Here is an example.   My thinking has been to keep the boys library cards in my wallet so they won’t lose them.  In order to reduce the weight of my wallet I periodically clean it out and stash some of the things in a “safe place” until I need them.  Well I lost the library cards.  Yesterday Jake and I went to the library and he got a new card.  He will be carrying it in his wallet now.

Tonight I will hand him his state ID.  It does him no good in my wallet.  He might lose it but if he does he can always get another one for ten dollars.  I admit that I have lost my licence before.  Life lesson:  We all need to learn to take care of our IDs and cards found in our wallets.  If they are lost we need to learn how to replace them.  “Mommy” isn’t going to be around to carry all their stuff through life!

Jake will be getting an Ipod Touch soon.  We are getting it to make him more independent with his diabetes by downloading apps that give carbohydrate grams for food.  That is how he calculates his insulin dosage.  In addition there are many educational apps we can use.  Check out the blog below written by a speech pathologist on how he uses the Ipod Touch.  His blog is FANTASTIC.

Apple now has a designated section for special needs.

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