Posted by: Susan | November 3, 2010


I found this great post on a blog.  Bill and Ria listed blogs about down syndrome broken down into age categories!  Very helpful.

Today April and I will be practicing more life skills.  She will be doing her grocery shopping for a week.  She will have one more paycheck to work on her banking skills.  Yesterday she went job hunting, again, and did get an interview at La Rosa’s on Thursday.  Fingers crossed for a job.

April only wants to bank with Debbie.

April spends lots of time reading labels for the calorie count.  If your child knows how to use a microwave they can get along very well with meal planning.  She buys prepared low cal dinners and adds fruit or salad to her meals.  Lately she has been walking to Subway to buy a foot long, low-cal sub eating 1/2 for lunch and the other 1/2 for dinner.  She loads the sub with lots of veggies, no cheese, and a low-cal honey mustard dressing.  The walk is about a mile round trip.  Exercise and a meal- perfect!

Tonight we head out to the kids ballroom dance class.  Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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