Posted by: Susan | November 4, 2010

Making Friends

I went to yet another meeting Monday night.  It was titled Life Long Social Skills…..Relationships.  It was the kind of meeting that you needed to participate.  I had snagged a back row seat and had not fueled my body with coffee.  Does the term brain-dead ring a bell?  We were asked to list social skills that are important in life.  Eighteen parents came up with a pretty good list.  We talked about how important inclusion is but realized in the end our kids would probably have friends that also have special needs.  Guess what?  I’m OK with that.  After years of having the kids in inclusive settings I can say that rarely have we gotten a call for my kids to do something from the kids in their class.  Lest you lose heart, my kids have many friends.  We have a group of  kids that bowl together weekly.  But friendship is more than a bowling team.  AHA MOMENT!  To build a friendship you have to spend time together.  Think of your BF.  I bet you spend lots of time with her in some way.  My BF lives in Texas but we talk several times daily and email each other many times a week.  We have been building this relationship for 22 years.  So how did we get our group of 10 to 12 kids to bond?  Food and fun.  Yep, most Monday nights the group goes out to dinner.  Last time our family went with the group there were eighteen of us.  Moms talked to each other.  Kids talked to each other.  Lots of discussion going on at both ends of the table.

The kids also do basketball, swimming, track, birthday parties and dances together.  Is it lots of driving and effort for the parents?  We are able to carpool to some events making it easier on us.  Bottom line is that I gladly drive to get them together because that’s what you need (time together) to build relationships.  Relationships = friends.  So worth it.

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