Posted by: Susan | November 9, 2010


Perseverance……We need it to get through life.  My kids with DS teach me about it daily if I just watch and listen.

Notice how BIG that rhino is that Jake is trying to get on.  BTW, this was at the Cincinnati Zoo.  Easy to get on the baby rhino like Sam.

Jake had to pull himself up many, many times.

Try again and again and again.  That’s what our kids have to do whether it’s learning spelling words, phonics, astronomy facts (Jake) or just learning to tie their shoes.

Until finally they do it and then……..

JOY!  This post is actually a wake up call for me.  Today there is lots to be done.  An overwhelming amount plus I have scheduled too many things.  Like Jake I need to keep climbing up on that darn obstacle until it is accomplished and then – joy.



  1. Outstanding post. I will think about Jake as I tackle the stack of papers on my desk tomorrow!

    • It really helped me get things done yesterday. Miss you.

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