Posted by: Susan | November 11, 2010

Veteran’s Day – Teaching my teenage boys with Down syndrome about today.

Today April and I will go hear Jim speak at a Veteran’s Day Ceremony.

At our house we teach our kids with down syndrome about Veteran’s Day.  We want them to realize the sacrifices veterans have made for their country.  We have done this with all 6 children taking them to ceremonies where ever we are living.  Patriotism needs to be taught and shown by the parents. 

The boys will be getting up soon.  When they come down for breakfast they will see two flags in the kitchen- Old Glory and of course the Marine Corps flag.  Each will get to hang one up outside before they go to school.  We will talk about why we have Veteran’s Day. 

If you have a flag be sure to hang it outside.  Better yet let your child do it.  This visual, hands on task plus a short talk with them about Verteran’s Day will make a big impact.

Sam decided to march the flag down the hall and out the door.

Thanks Sam for hanging up our flag!


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