Posted by: Susan | November 12, 2010

Sewing Sam

Sewing Sam is so cute.

I had my doubts when I was told Sam would be sewing with a machine in his Food, Fun, and Fashion class!  My expectations were way too low.  He has made a belt, backpack, PJ bottoms and is finishing up a pillow.  His backpack was displayed in that special glass case in the hallway for all to see as they pass by.  Yep, he picked out the fabric himself.  His teacher, Mrs. Sheehy, loves him and tells me how well he is doing every time I see her.

Today he is going on a field trip.  He is beyond excited(code for bouncing off the walls).  His class will walk to the middle school to attend a Book Fair and then walk back to downtown Blue Ash to eat at a local restaurant.  Have I mentioned how much I love our school system?

To get rid of some of his energy he and the Hunk raked the front yard before he got on the bus.  Here is a picture from when everyone raked it on Sunday.

Sam was much happier when he raked today.  Moral of the story….I’ll leaf, I mean leave, it up to you.


  1. In additional to all the things you mentioned, Sam made me a wonderful, soft, pink heart that he sewed together and gave as a gift to me upon my arrival. I keep the heart on my frig to remind me daily how much I/we enjoyed our visit with everyone!

    • I had forgotten about that. It touched me when he brought it home and told me he wanted to give it to you. Knowing that you have that heart proudly displayed as a rememberance means so much to me too.

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