Posted by: Susan | November 14, 2010

My social life should be this good.

April has a social circle of about 12 good friends.  There seems to be something happening every week.  This week she was invited to her friend JR’s 21st birthday party.  April has 3 Jakes as friends, her brother Jake, boyfriend JC and friend JR.  Back to the story.  Here she is watching JR open his present. Look at everyone’s expression.  What fabulous gift did she give JR?

The great gift was a Camp Rock 2, The Final Jam CD.  After presents were opened they went outside to get in their ride.

Yes, even a red carpet was rolled out for them to walk on.

Of course she sat next to her boyfriend JC.

They were whisked off to a night of dinner, a movie, and then to an upscale restaurant/bar for dancing.  What a night!

I just had to add one more picture of April and JC because they look so cute.  When April was born did I think she would be dating, riding in limos, and having lots of friends?  Probably not.  I was looking and thinking about all the ‘can’ts’ instead of all the ‘cans’.   If you are a parent of an infant or young child with down syndrome concentrate on what your kids can do.  You will be amazed at all they will accomplish. 

Is riding in a limousine and having a fabulous time a life skill?  You bet it is and I want to practice that one myself very soon.

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