Posted by: Susan | November 17, 2010

Put on your oxygen mask first, A life lesson for moms raising kids with down syndrome.

Last Weds. I put on my oxygen mask first.  Have you ever flown before?  If so then you know that during the very exciting safety presentation you are told that in the unlikely event of a decompression put on your mask first and then your child’s.  Sometimes you just gotta do something for yourself!  I went with my darling neighbor Theresa to a cooking class at Jungle Jim’s.  If you are not from Cincinnati you have got to check out their site!  Their tag line is, A Foodies Paradise.  The produce section, I am not making this up, 1 1/2 acres and everything is inside.  Theresa and I went early and got a seat at the counter right by the kitchen.  For the next 3 hours we watched 3 women make gifts from the kitchenHere is the best part- we got to try every one of the 14 items they made.  For 3 hours I didn’t think of IEPs, inclusion, diabetes, Celiac disease or what I had to do it home.  I learned something new and laughed and talked to my neighbor.  Just me and the 44 other participants, 3 cooks, and 6 volunteers who served and cleaned up.

Oh yes, I had a very good time.   Life lesson:   Put on your oxygen mask first……………………….once in awhile. 


  1. What a great blog, I laughed as I read it. When I showed it to Richard he said you should send it to Jungle Jim’s and show them the great promo you gave them!!
    It was a great afternoon, so glad I had you to share it with. I especially appreciate your expertise as my “taster” as I attempt the various recipes we received. Look out… many more to try!!!

    • You are a perfect neighbor! You laugh at Jim’s jokes, take me to a cooking class and give me food and…………

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