Posted by: Susan | November 22, 2010

Big brother visits his siblings with down syndrome.

Derek, our oldest son, came for an early Thanksgiving visit.  We all waited anxiously for him to arrive Friday night.  The next morning he was tired but the kids wanted to hang out with him.  Poor Derek, I snapped this when he first woke up.

After a very relaxed morning ,that involved talking and Derek playing frisbee with the kids, just the two of us went to my favorite store.  We had lunch and strolled through IKEA!

Derek has gone back to school, after working for 5 years, to study industrial design at Virginia Tech.  Looking through IKEA through his eyes taught me a lot.  He showed me all the different design aspects.  It was a great mother/son bonding time.

After that it was on to Starbucks where we met the Hunk and enjoyed the gorgeous weather.

Then on to home to meet up with the sibs again, play Frisbee, and munch on Chinese food.  Day one, oh so good, but wait things change quickly in 24 hours.  Read tomorrow’s post for the rest of the story!   Hint, the categories listed below might give you insight into what happens.

Have fun getting ready for this.

I have made 2 complete Thanksgiving meals since Nov. 13- one for my older daughter’s family and one for Derek.  They won’t be here for Thanksgiving.  My new mantra is ” A turkey is just a big chicken”.  The above bird will be part of tomorrow’s continuing story.

Happy Monday.  Does anyone know where I put Sam’s backpack?  I guess he really doesn’t need all those folders for school:)

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