Posted by: Susan | November 23, 2010

Big Brother Visits-Part 2…”Mom, do you have any alcohol?”

A visit from a big brother is always very exciting here.  For the first 24 hours sheer bliss and then reality sets in.  Big brother (either one) plays with the kids, talks to the kids and takes the kids for a ride in the car.  Fun!

By hour 25 little brothers get annoying.  They don’t listen to you.  Mom and Dad sometimes overlook bad behavior, like not turning off that darn Wii the first time they are asked.  Even April gets annoying to them when they try to explain to her that not everyone on her Facebook wants to hear about Twilight……again.  She also doesn’t want to hear that the 1,700 “likes” she has saved may be too many and  doesn’t appreciate it when you start deleting them.  She has kicked her sister off Facebook for way less then that!

It keeps building, the frustration of transitioning back into the family, until Derek asks right before his birthday lunch on Sunday, “Mom, do you have any alcohol?”  We both laugh and I open up a bottle of wine to go with his early Thanksgiving/Birthday dinner.  After lunch we go to Sharon Woods to walk around the lake.

Right after this picture was taken Derek took a break from the family and went out for about 4 hours…alone.

Life Lessons

1.  Transitioning back into family life after not living at home for 7 or 8 years is hard.

2.  Family dynamics rarely change.   Those siblings are still annoying!

3.  Mothers can learn a lot by listening to their grown children.  Yes Derek, I need to be more consistent.

4.  You can still build great memories even if everything doesn’t go as well as we thought it would.

Tomorrow Part 3 of  The Visit.  It’s the good stuff that happened.  You will not want to miss this riveting post.  Note to self.  Take the ketchup bottle off the table before you take a picture!


  1. I’ve enjoyed looking at your life snapshot:) My favorite part was ‘Life’s Lessons.’ so true no matter what situation you are in!

    • Thanks for stopping by. I have said it before… my kids teach me so much. I am thankful for a blog and digital camera to share what I have learned. Happy Thanksgiving! susan

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