Posted by: Susan | November 24, 2010

On the Occasion of a Birthday.

Saturday morning…April got Derek this birthday card and candy.  Several weeks ago she walked to CVS to pick it out.

We have a tradition in our house for a birthday.  Jim always reads from The Book of Family Prayer. 

During this reading there is a time to acknowledge what we appreciate about the birthday boy/girl(man/woman) by giving gifts and expressing our love in words.  Funny thing is that the words turn out to be remembered long after the presents have been forgotten.


Year after year words of love and affirmation.  If we are at a restaurant for a birthday we still do the same acknowledgement.  We have done it so many times we don’t need to use the book.  It has become a tradition.  It is so important for our kids with down syndrome to be given these words of affirmation and love.  Just as important, they must learn to give them to others.  To stop and think and speak the words to others on…The Occasion of a Birthday and all year-long.

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