Posted by: Susan | November 25, 2010


The big day has arrived.

May I suggest a way to keep the kiddos busy for about 40 minutes?  Make a Thankful banner.  This won’t cost you a thing, hubby can help or another relative or older kid (you get the picture).  It also opens up lots of discussion. 

Notice the letter the Hunk made on a grocery bag.  Draw and cut out the word T H A N K F U L on the paper of your choice.  Give kids crayons to color letters.  Write on  each letter what you are thankful for and what your favorite Thanksgiving Day food.  Hang on garland or string with clothes pins or christmas ball hooks.  Viola!

By doing this simple craft your child has used fine motor skills, practiced speech, socialization, independence and thinking skills.  Get those guests busy helping your child with and without DS  make a thankful sign.  Enjoy the extra time to make the gravy.

Who knew that the Thanksgiving story would be going on at Skyline Chili Weds. night?

See what you miss by not living in Cincinnati?   Have a wonderful, memory filled Thanksgiving.

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