Posted by: Susan | November 29, 2010

Teaching traditions to our children with Down syndrome

This weekend has been filled with traditions and while thinking about this I realized that traditions are taught and caught.   The Friday after Thanksgiving we always go to a Christmas tree farm to buy our tree.  We have done this since our older kids were small with only a small break when we moved to Florida.  The Hunk didn’t consider a white pine a Christmas tree and that’s what grows in beautiful Florida.  This Friday on a clear, 27 degree morning, we headed to Big Tree Plantation in Morrow, Ohio.  Before we headed out we had to gather all the coats, hats, gloves and scarfs.  Jake had to check his blood and eat a quick snack.  Everyone piled into the car and we were finally off.

This one, no this one, no this one………………………………

The boys wanted to go BIG but we settled on this.

We picked out a  tree and headed inside because it was cold and did I mention that Jim was/is sick.  No ride into the woods to look at the trees in the horse-drawn wagon.  We stopped cutting our own tree down once the big boys left home.  The Hunk doesn’t think it is fun to throw his big body on the ground to cut down the trees.  Off we went into the barn, converted into a huge gift shop, to pay for the tree and get hot chocolate(except for Jake).  I had made Jake sugar-free hot chocolate to bring along before we left home.  Are you getting the sense here that traditions can require effort sometimes?

We saw friends and Mary but not Joseph standing by the Nativity Scene.

I even snapped a picture of a Christmas tree that I loved.  The Hunk would hate it because it is not, here is that word again, traditional.

  Then it was on to the car to load up the tree with just a few more photo ops on the way.

Thank goodness for that high school student raising money for his Lacrosse team.It is a yearly school tradition for the team.   He helped Jim hoist the tree onto the car roof and tie it on, a tradition I am not interested in doing.

We drove home and the Hunk went…………………………………………………………………… bed.  I really did give him the option of not coming to get the tree.  He didn’t want to miss our Friday tradition even if he didn’t feel well and it was cold and buying a tree on a farm takes some effort.  Our kids with DS learn traditions like all kids do.  They learn from being taught about them and actually doing them year after year.  Yes, the Friday after Thanksgiving we always get the tree and on Saturday we?  That’s a post for tomorrow!


  1. Hi Susan

    I refer to your comments on my blogspot and am truly sorry if I had caused you any pain by refering my computer problems to Downs Syndrome. It was meant as a euphemistic remark for my computer breakdown and I never intended it to be otherwise. I stand corrected and apologise for my mistake.

    Btw, you have a lovely blog too and u r such a prolific blogger……

    Wishing you n ur family a very Merry Christmas

    With best wishes and warmest regards


    • Thank you so much for your reply. It will be an honor for me to check your blog regularly and see how things are done in another country. I can tell you have a kind heart by your last post. Blessings, susan

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