Posted by: Susan | November 30, 2010

Traditions-Part II

Yesterday I talked about our Friday tradition after Thanksgiving of going to a Christmas tree farm.  On Saturday I got my Advent boxes out of storage.  Two smaller boxes of things we use to celebrate Advent and Epiphany.  The first box has our crèche.  We have at least 3 but we always use the same one.  The other two are beautiful but breakable.  This crèche I bought from a store no longer in business, Woolworths, known as the 5 & 10 cent store.  Each plastic piece was $1 with the barn being $4.  We have added some animals along the way that seemed to need a home.  I let my kids set up the scene.  We don’t put baby Jesus in the manger until Christmas Eve and the Wise Men and camels don’t arrive at the manger until Epiphany.  They hang out here until around Jan. 1st and then start “traveling” around the house, stopping in a different place daily, until Jan. 6th when they arrive at the stable.

We use The Book of Family Prayer to read a lesson for each of the four Sundays of Advent.  The kids each get a turn at lightning one of the 4 candles.  On Dec. 1st we start our Advent calendar.  I get ours here  The kids take turns opening one door a night for 24 days.  Each door has a picture and Scripture behind it. The person who opens the door reads the Scripture! 

We read, talk, touch and do things for Advent leading up to Christmas.  The kids know when  Thanksgiving comes that a few days later we will put up our decorations and reminders about Advent.  The tradition never changes and each year they learn something new as we prepare for Christmas.

PS:  Sam was not a happy camper when I took his picture with the Advent calendar.  That’s why he is holding his breath!

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