Posted by: Susan | December 1, 2010

“Mom, take it back its confusing my brain.”

There is always an interesting conversation going on here.  On Friday April and Jake decided to walk to the library to pick up some CD’s and DVD’s.  Like most kids their age they listen to music…..a lot.  On Saturday Jake came into the kitchen, handed me a CD and said, “Mom take it back it’s confusing my brain!”  I had not looked at any of the CD’s they had brought home.  I am thinking to myself, what kind of mother are you?  Did he get some heavy metal CD or a rap CD with sexually explicit lyrics and swearing on the sound tracks?  Or maybe he got Jazz because I know that confuses me.   Trying not to hyperventilate I took the dreaded CD.  “Jake, this is a Christmas CD how is it confusing your brain?”  “I know Mom but it is an orchestra.  There is no singing on it!”   OK, that explains everything:)

Life lesson to me:  Look first, then hyperventilate if necessary.

Off to get Jake up for school.  Sam has been up sick since 3:30AM  but I will spare you the details because it might confuse your brain.

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