Posted by: Susan | December 2, 2010

Signs….. they are everywhere!

I thought I was just going to take a walk in the park to enjoy a warm fall day and my family but no………………..there were signs everywhere!

Say what??????????????????

Never leave the trail……………..hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

OK, this sign is a good reminder.

Another roller skating reference?

You bring your dog you clean up poop.  No brainer.  Do you really think those people who leave the poop will care what the sign says?

Hey, it didn’t say roller skates this time.  It must be a newer sign since most people roller blade.  Yes, let’s change the sign not the rule.

No roller skating, take a poop bag with me and leave the bread at home.

Thunder, lightning, air horns……………..get off the lake you idiots!

Where is she going with all those signs?   At my weekly therapy session, held on Mondays at the bowling alley with 8 other moms, I had an epiphany.  People who change the world ignore the signs.  When you have a child with a disability you are given soooooooooooo many signs (code word for what you or your child can’t do).   I am so glad for all the moms that looked at those signs and said,”Can too”.  Yes, my child can go to a regular preschool, neighborhood school, be on a regular sports team, participate in all school activities and be a part of the community.  It has taken a dig in your heels, bad ass attitude to get it done.  Pushing, pushing, pushing to get where we are today.  If you met my friends you would think they are opinionated, overbearing, pushy in your face kind of women.  I love every one of them and I hope that is how people see me too.  These women have gotten things done and I am so proud of them.  What we have today for our children is because of women (and OK, some men ) like this.  I know we have had laws in place since 1975 talking about least restrictive environment but laws don’t get it done…people do.

For you with younger kids, keep pushing.  There is so much more to accomplish for our kids. 

Here is the only positive sign I saw on that walk.  Click to enlarge and read the message.

Now where did I put my skates?  I have a hill to conquer.


  1. I am SO pleased to have found your blog! It is wonderful and I am enjoying it very much. When I started blogging about my son (who has Down syndrome and is 16), I quickly found many blogs by parents of tiny ones. I wondered where the parents of teens’ blogs were and even asked on my blog! Someone, thankfully, sent me to yours.

    I love what you say about “Can too”! It has been necessary at every turn.

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