Posted by: Susan | December 6, 2010

Sunday night……………………….

The past week turned out to be very difficult so I think I deserve a Sunday night- cap.

Yes, hot chocolate with whipped cream and the newest Hannah Montana show blaring in the background.  I am so glad that girl told the world tha Miley is really Hannah.  The scary thing is I have watched almost all of the shows with the kids.   Ok, here is what happened during the week.

Monday…Bowling and out to dinner with the usual 18 friends. Canceled intramural basketball for Jake because the Hunk has been under the weather with a sinus infection and he is the “designated taker.”

Tuesday…Off to Dick’s to buy basketball shoes for both boys.  Shoe shopping, my least favorite thing to do.  While we were there we bought ski goggles for Sam.  Tuesday night he put on the goggles, came into our room and did an impression of Elvis.  Hilarious! 

Wednesday……….1:30 AM Sam starts vomiting.  The rest of the post I will just say SV because I have to write starts vomiting many, many times.  April SV Weds. afternoon.  Canceled ballroom dancing.

Thursday…….April and Sam on the couch all day.  Thursday night 9 PM Jake SV.  Big concern because of his diabetes.

Friday…………In the early AM (1:30) Jake still V and the Hunk SV.  When they both go back to bed, the Hunk is sleeping in a twin bed next to Jake to monitor his diabetes, Jake touches his Dad’s arm and says, “All for one and one for all.”  I never knew vomiting was a bonding experience but I guess it is if you are sharing a bathroom in the early AM hours.  Friday morning I am feeling very smug that I have “dodged the bullet” when suddenly I don’t feel quite right and by the afternoon I…………………………SV.  Cancel basketball.

Saturday………………………….Jim goes to work and I am still, well you know.  I have to make breakfast for the boys.  April fends for herself and I go back to bed.  April is in charge.  Cancel intramural basketball for Sam.  I make lunch for the boys.  April fends for herself.  Saturday late afternoon I am feeling better (I can at least get out of bed).  Oh yes, 3 inches of this.  Saturday night Elvis visits again.

Sunday……We made it through but the Hunk and I are still shaky.

Life Lesson:

1.  Our kids are capable of doing so much on their own.   My kids took good care of me by getting me drinks, heating pads for my hurting belly and not fighting.  They also folded and put clothes away.  April made me tea and offered to make me lunch.  No thank you April food will make me SV. 

2.  Ski goggles can be used on and off  the slopes. 

3.  It’s OK to wait another week until the decorations get put on that Christmas tree.  At least its been up for a week!

Things are getting back to normal.  Jake just asked Sam what he was getting for Christmas and April answered, “A lump of coal.”


  1. Okay lady. I SV on Friday morning and here I am still in bed with round 2 on Monday afternoon. It is a painful stomach bug! It sounds like we’ll all be up and moving again soon. Hang in there–I love your lesson learned. The only thing I’ve learned is not to go anywhere that doesn’t have a bathroom within 5 feet. 🙂

    • I am so sorry to hear you are sick. I have been wondering where you have been. Miss seeing you!

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