Posted by: Susan | December 7, 2010

Bonding with the Manatees. More reasons to move to Cincinnati.

Thing I bet you didn’t  know about Ohio. 

1.  We have 130 wineries in Ohio.  Say what? One is located very close to Cincinnati.  Can’t afford Napa come here.

2. We have a unique manatee program at the Cincinnati Zoo.  In November the zoo got 3 new manatees.  The zoo actually rehabilitates the manatees and releases them back into the wild.  We even have a Midwest Florida Manatee Research Project  here.

3.  You can sleep with the manatees at the zoo.  That’s right slumber while they lumber around their tank.

We just opted to go see the manatees instead of a wine tour.

I read in the paper about our 3 new arrivals so off we went to the zoo.  Jake loves the manatees but April was the one that stayed the longest to bond with them.  She loved the year old baby that weighed 300 lbs.

Here is a secret that you must not tell any of the zoo keepers.  I took these pictures.  

April was becoming one with the manatees.  Really they looked at her as much as she looked at them except when they had to go up for air.   I know that feeling.  Every once in a while I have to go up for air too.

April wants to swim with the dolphins.  I don’t want to spend the money to go to Florida, Hawaii or Mexico to swim with those dolphins.  She asked last night if she could swim with them on her 23rd birthday next year.  No April, but you can bond with the manatees any time you want.   I love Cincinnati!  Now about those wineries…………………………


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