Posted by: Susan | December 8, 2010

Giving blood again. Young adult with down syndrome on her way to a gallon!

Yes, she’s done it again.  The blood donation center called and she said yes for the 5th time.  I have written about it before here in a post I called, Blood Donation the Ultimate Inclusion.

Here she is signing in at the Center. They know her now.  The only thing I do is help her fill out the intake form.  They insist I am supposed to let the stranger in the intake room do it but I just smile and help her anyway.  He doesn’t know if my kid has been out of the country for the last five years and answers to other much more intimate questions.  April could probably answer 98% of the questions by herself.  Then like the loving, caring mother I am I left  and went……………to the grocery store.  Mommy doesn’t have to hold her hand and she doesn’t want me there.  This is her thing not mine.  When it was all over she called me on my cell and I picked her up.

This isn’t an easy thing for April to do.  The site where they take the blood is sore for several days.  No matter how much fluid she drinks before and after the donation she still is dizzy for at least 24 hours.  Knowing all this she has already scheduled her next donation for the end of January.  She gets it.  You donate blood you save lives.  Soon she will have donated a gallon of blood.  Think about that the next time you pick up a gallon container.

Thanks April.  I am so proud of you!  You have shown once again how people with disabilities can serve others.



  1. Susan, enjoying your blog. Please tell April thanks. My mother needed many transfusions the last year of her life. I have never been able to donate blood. I did not qualify even when Rebecca needed doners for her heart surgery many years ago. So, on behalf of me and my loved ones, THANKS APRIL!

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