Posted by: Susan | December 9, 2010

What a dog can teach you about kids.

Here is Sam looking so darling while he makes his Advent chain.

I know we are 8 days into December and this should have started on the 1st  but if you remember my post from several days ago last week was spent ….never mind you can go check it out on Monday’s post.  I am on my never-ending quest to help Sam get a grasp of days, weeks and months.  The daily, flat calendar is just not working.  He needs to see something three-dimensional that diminishes to know how many more days until Christmas.  Last year I just cut strips of colored advertisements apart and we made the chains.  This year I actually printed off and Advent chain with daily scriptures.  BTW, Sam complained about coloring, cutting and gluing the chain.  When it was done it looked like this.

Fast forward to tonight and imagine me making dinner (gluten-free pasta, gluten-free meatballs, veggie) while Jake was downloading something on his iPod, Sam was watching Scooby Doo and Max the wonder dog was begging in front of the pantry. His treats are in there.

I sweetly asked for the kids help to set the table, check your blood(Jake has diabetes), fill the drink glasses and get to the table because on Weds. we eat early.  We have ballroom dance class at 6 PM.  After much grumbling I asked Sam to take the first link off the chain and bring it to the table.

More grumbling as Sam yanked off the link and tossed it.  I retrieved it and we all settled into our chairs for a prayer.  While the kids were eating I opened the Bible to read the Scripture and found a badly torn page.  Sam likes to turn pages while he watches TV and the Bible is his book of choice because of the thinness of the pages.  He will use my Bible night after night and yes sometimes the pages do tear.  I am now getting a tiny bit cranky.  We finish dinner and I send Sam up to take a bath before dance.  April and Jacob are to clear the table and load dishwasher.  Instead they tease each other and ignore the rest.  Meanwhile upstairs the bath water is running a long time and I go up to check.  I find Sam standing in the shower, no soap in sight, with the shower curtain not inside the tub.  Yep,  the floor was flooded.  I did what any mother would do………….I lost it!  There was a shriek that escaped from my lips but no expletive.  I am so proud of myself for that.  I got the tub going, gave Sam several demonstrations on where the curtain goes when you shower and mopped up the floor.  Jacob was supposed to be downstairs doing this.

Would you be surprised if I told you he was playing on the computer instead.  Max was still doing this.

Some how Sam got ready, Jake finished his project, the pots and pans from that gluten-free meal remained in the sink and off to dance we went.

Life Lesson:  Even if you give a beggin dog a treat they always want more!

Life Lesson:  Even if you give your kids computer time, Wii time, iPod time and TV time they always want more.

Life Lesson:  It’s OK  to scream like a banshee if your kid floods the bathroom.  It’s cathartic.

I am off to wash those pots and pans and give the dog another treat.


  1. You do it with such grace. I definitely would have let the expletive fly!

  2. That is the fatest wiener dog ever. He is a sausage dog. Ha! At least he’s easy to please.

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