Posted by: Susan | December 13, 2010

My kids with down syndrome helping others

April, Jake, and Sam all attend Starfire outings.  Each month they pick a fun thing to do in the community and a place to volunteer.  Since Starfire started doing this 10 years ago people with disabilities have been giving back to the community, 40,000 hours of volunteer time so far!  You can read more about this fabulous organization here,  My 3 like to volunteer at Matthew 25 Ministries and I love it because it is right here in Blue Ash.  m25m has helped 12.7 million people this year.  Their slogan is, ” Caring for a needy world with the things we throw away.” 

That’s Kir, a helper who will oversee the kids at Matthew 25.  He has a huge heart and a big personality.  Here are some more volunteers.

First they watch a movie that explains what  m25m does and where it sends its aid. Then they see a model of a typical village where the food, clothing and medical supplies might be going.

 They stayed for 2 hours and helped along with lots of other people from the community-  all together, all volunteering to help others.

Life Lesson:  There comes a time to become the ones to give help.  Teaching to give to others is an important skill to teach your child with DS.

While they were volunteering I went to my favorite green grocers, Pipkins Market. was going on here with all these people scurrying around and cars driving up to have boxes loaded into their cars?   It was a fund raiser.

How could I say no to the Blue Ash Rotary’s fruit fund-raiser?  I mean come on look at those faces.  They also put the box in the car for me.  If you need any fruit come to my house.

Gotta go eat some grapefruit.  Schools opening 90 minutes late because of snow and my boys were counting on a snow day.  Maybe with the next storm.


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