Posted by: Susan | December 14, 2010

More gifting

She trudged up to the church with the gift.  Weeks earlier she had drawn a name off the giving tree.  The tag was for a  14-year-old girl who might not have a Christmas.  Lots of things that she needed were listed on that tag. Sigh….  I admit I thought – not again April.  She signs us up for everything.  Such an open, giving heart fills that young woman.  It meant off we went to shop together for the gift.  And then one more thing was added before it was wrapped, tagged, tied, and carted to church in the snow.  But when we went inside on that gray Sunday morning the church was alive with the color of gifts.  

Almost 200 names hung on that tree and they were all taken.  The presents were piled high on tables to be taken to 3 different agencies where they would be handed out at a party.  

I flashed back to a party that I attended as a kid where my name was called and I was given a present.  I was an Army brat at the time and I am sure someone had donated the gifts to give to the kids that lived on base. I remember the excitement when I received my gift. 

From the tables I spotted Jake by the giving tree now starting to fill up with hats, mittens, gloves and scarfs.  Things necessary to keep people warm during the long winters here.  Yes, we will buy something for the tree.  Jake you can put it on the tree for us.

Fast forward to today where I had a golden moment with Sam.  Last night he insisted he put on all his cold weather gear and go out and help daddy shovel the driveway.  Today as we waited for the time to get ready for the bus I read him a great story on giving.  The book is called Silver Packages by Cynthia Rylant.

  It tells of a man giving back after he had been helped and then a boy giving back because he was helped by that man. It talks about getting what is needed.  Not to be missed.  After I read the book Sam stay snuggled on the coach with me for several minutes and actually let me hug him.  This doesn’t happen very often with my son who is quickly leaving behind childhood and literally running into his teenage years.  We read the story again tonight to the older kids.  Yes, it’s that good.  Sam loved sharing little things that he had learned from each page.

Life lessons:

Take all the hugs you can get.

Give all the hugs you can.

Give all the gifts you can to people in need.  You never know how much that present can impact and change a person’s life.  My kids have taught me that.  Each one has been a unique gift given to me at just the right time.


  1. Your kids are such a great reminder that EVERYONE has something to offer others! I am always moved by April’s compassion and gift of self…and how excited each of your children sound when they hear my voice on the phone. These are the life lessons to note: 1. Greet each person with unadulterated GLEE…even if it is ‘only’ your mom’s friend, and 2. give, give, give even though others might think you have little to offer.

  2. This post was so good! I am going to look for the book. Thank you!

  3. Goosebumps! They are great because they have been taught values and unconditional love.

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