Posted by: Susan | December 15, 2010

The gift of friendship

Last night April and I attended the 4th in a series of Cafe Conversations at Starfire,  Each session focuses on one main topic and all 5 session will be used in their strategic planning.  Last night we talked about friendships.  It was great to see 50+ people come together and share ideas.  At Starfire everyone’s input is valued as we break into groups to share with each other.  We are to sit with people we don’t know which is why April and I are never in the same group.

In the picture above April is across the room from me answering the first question about who is a friend you have met in this year and how did you meet them?  Think about that for a minute.  Who did you meet in 2010, where did you meet them and what brought you together?  The next question talked about how and why that friendship worked.  After that our facilitator explained a diagram about friendship and revealed that most friendships happen in the participation phase.  In other words when you are participating in life and are out in the community you meet people.  The more interaction the more opportunities to make friends.

The final phase  was where we saw Starfire in the next 10 years and how they could help people with disabilities make more friends.  If you have young kids that are still in school this doesn’t seem like such a big deal.  School is a natural community but when there is no more school then what?  We changed groups once again and went into rooms to draw our vision for Starfire.  Here is April taking the lead and presenting her group’s vision.

Amazing that you have to think about making friend but oh so necessary for our kids with disabilities.  Friendship is a true gift to be enjoyed.

On Monday April and her best friend went out to breakfast, came home and watched a movie and then just hung out.  Friends spend time together growing the relationship.

Jake just headed out the door for school.  We were studying for an astronomy test during breakfast.  As he walked out into the 8 degree morning I called words of encouragement, I mean facts, to him…”Remember the red stars are the ones with the cooler temperature!”  What idiot decided to label the hottest surface temperature stars blue???????????????????????  If you want to see our Milky Way in time-lapse click here   

So how do I tie friendship and astronomy together…easy.  True friendships are out of this world!


  1. You should watch the Last Air Bender cartoon with Henry. Blue lightning is more powerful than red. It’s hotter too.

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