Posted by: Susan | December 16, 2010

The Gift of Glee: Learning from your child with down syndrome.

The Gift of Glee:  No, I am not talking about giving a Glee DVD or CD to someone.  I am talking about the gift of  ‘glee’ as noted in this comment,

Submitted on 2010/12/14 at 10:08 am

Your kids are such a great reminder that EVERYONE has something to offer others! I am always moved by April’s compassion and gift of self…and how excited each of your children sound when they hear my voice on the phone. These are the life lessons to note: 1. Greet each person with unadulterated GLEE…even if it is ‘only’ your mom’s friend.

That quote is from my best friend and she is so right.  You call my house and you hear glee, exultant high-spirited joy, in their voice when they answer the phone.  Tonight on the way to dance we stopped at Skyline Chili for dinner.  Sam said, with glee, “It’s Christmas!” as he ran in the door.  Right Sam it is like Christmas.

Oh yes, the restaurant is giving away this Shrek stuffed toy and a Donkey too.  Please don’t let us win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Where would I put it?

At dance class one of the volunteers had a birthday.  It was celebrated with a cake, a song and lots of glee!

Tom, surrounded by the class that we were getting posed for the picture , is experiencing glee.

After the singing…

and the blowing out of candles Tom said (gleefully I might add), “This is the best birthday I have ever had!”  He was surrounded by people who know how to celebrate with glee.

Don’t miss the gift of glee.  If you listen to your kids I bet you will hear it a lot over the simple things of this season.  Enjoy it and pass it on.


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