Posted by: Susan | December 27, 2010

Sisters…of the heart.

What do you put in a post after you have spent 4 wonderful days with all 6 of your kids and their spouses and your perfect grandchildren?  My heart is overflowing with memories from the best Christmas ever!  I will start with Friday and share a little each day from our time together. 

I treated April and my fabulous daughter-in-law Lindsey to a pedicure.  Lindsey had never had one before.  When they came home they watched Meet Me in St. Louis.  The movie stars Judy Garland and the song Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas originated here.

Here are the girls showing off their pedicures.  After the movie Lindsey helped April get ready for her date.  So much more fun then having mom help.

April choose gold nail polish for her toes to go with her gold top.  The girl wants to be color coordinated.  Here she is waiting for her boyfriend.

Perhaps you are asking yourself why April would be leaving her family behind on Christmas Eve.  She was off to a Christmas Eve dinner party but not to worry she was home by 7:30 PM.

I of course needed to take pictures of not only Jake C. and April but of all my kids.

For my 3 older children the first test any prospective spouse or girlfriend must pass is how they treat the younger siblings.  If they don’t accept the younger kids that pretty much ends that relationship.  That is what the older kids  have decided on their own.  Love me…love my family.  I have been blessed with a wonderful son-in-law and daughter-in-law.   April always introduces Lindsey as her sister.  Pete is just like an older brother.

Life Lesson:  Sisters by birth or sisters by marriage …both make wonderful friends to share our lives with.

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