Posted by: Susan | December 30, 2010

Still in holiday mode.

We said good-bye to the big brothers and wife…….

So what should we do now?  I know lets clean the house.  Thanks Jake for vacuuming the downstairs.  Thanks Sam for carrying the clean clothes up 2 flights of stairs.  But where is the Princess, I mean April.  Oh yes, here she is.She got the sleep mask from brother Dan and wears it to bed every night now.  Max the wonder dog likes to sleep in too.

Sam made everyone strawberry, banana smoothies to drink and I read the book The Story of Holly & Ivy to the kids.  This is a must read for your kids 6 and up.  Fabulous story about a little orphan girl at Christmas time.  It takes place in England so we talked about how rubbish bin means waste can and a parcel means a package. We also touched on Christmas Markets and the plants holly and ivy. Do I ever miss an opportunity to put something new in their brains-no!  I had a captive audience and it took about 30 minutes to read the whole story with me doing different voices to keep everyone interested.  Yes, even April likes the story and I love the story.  Don’t think it is just a picture book.  It is so much more.

The Hunk came home and wanted to try his NuWave oven out.  I can never let the man watch television alone at night.  No telling what UPS will drop off on my porch.

Then since we are having a heat wave here I decided to take the boys and a friend sledding.  We can walk to a sledding hill from our house.

Read to kids….check.   Fresh air and exercise…..check.  Chores done…..check.   They are home playing board games and doing crafts…not.  That is me just day dreaming.  They are playing the Wii.

Life Lesson…Sometimes you just have to let them do their thing after they have done all the things for you.


  1. I want that supa-awesome sleep mask.

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