Posted by: Susan | January 3, 2011

Taking down the Christmas tree

I love to get the Christmas tree up and hate to take it down.  The needles are falling off and surprise not everyone is running into the living room to help me.  It is always hard to get the 8 screws backed out of the trunk and the tree out the door.  Most years I haul it down to the curb myself but this year the Hunk pulled took it out for me.  I started by taking the balls off first.  I stopped counting after 100.  What can I say my husband loves these things.

As the sunlight streamed in the window I was transported to the past as I took down my favorite ornaments.

That darling baby face belongs to my oldest daughter Jenny.  My grandson, her son, Henry told her she was a messy eater when he saw it on the tree last night.  Yep, that’s Sammy boy in yet another Santa hat.

April in pre-school with her baby’s first Christmas ornament nearby.

Jacob’s artwork from years gone by.

April dressed for the homecoming football game.  She put her picture in this Joy ornament because that is her middle name.  Did I ever tell you that she was named April by her big sister Jenny?

Another one of Sammy boy!  As I packed up the last ornament I had an aha moment.  I would never have a tree like the ones I see in magazines but I would always have a tree filled with memories.

Life Lesson: Ornaments made by your kids trump picture perfect decorations every time!

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