Posted by: Susan | January 4, 2011

Joyfully receiving!

Last night 22 met for a birthday dinner at Frisch’s restaurant.  We were celebrating birthdays from December and January.  Since the kids are older we are not doing official parties anymore.

Parents at one table(9) and kids at another(13).  Of course I had to take a few pictures.  Notice April, always camera ready.

Take a picture of me and my boyfriend Mom!

Then Jake wanted a picture and of course annoying brother had to do the bunny ears.

We give either a card or very small gift but you would have thought we had spent lots of money as you looked at each birthday person.  They all had that look of joy and appreciation on their face that can’t be faked.

All the birthday people waited until after the meal to open up their cards and gifts.  Lots of excitement, and thank yous and hugging going on for cards that played music, gift cards for the restaurant, a $5 bill,a diary and ink pad with stamps,  a solar system bag with a book and art supplies(thank you Target for your $1 aisle).  And then the big finish……………………the cake.  One mom brought a beautiful ice cream cake.  The other moms brought plates, napkins and ice cream for the 2 kids with Celiac disease that can’t eat the cake.Look how one of the birthday guys is eyeing that cake.

We had so much fun celebrating the birth(day) of each of our 4 friends!

Life Lesson:  Enjoy all the gifts your children with down syndrome have been given.   Joyfully receiving and appreciation are just 2 of the many.  Yikes:  I just thought of another life lesson.  Celebrate often.  Yes, that’s a good one!


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