Posted by: Susan | January 5, 2011

Recently heard at my house.

Here is my beautiful April all ready to go to a New Year’s Eve party at her boyfriend’s house.  She is so independent and knows what she wants in life.  Earlier that day she said to Jake, “Hey Jake, I know what the R stands for on the back of the DVD movie box.”  “What”, said Jake.  “It stands for Romance!”, she replied.  ” No, April it doesn’t stand for Romance”, I said.  “Does it stand for sex Mom?”  “It could stand for sex or nudity or bad language or violence.”  “Mom, do married people like sex sometimes?”  “Yes April, sometimes married people like sex.”

Here is my darling, sweet, kind, helpful Jake with big brother Derek.  While playing some educational on-line computer game where a guy skateboards through a sewer pipe (I am not making this up – a sewer pipe) he said to the game, “Got you dork”.  If I would have been drinking my wine I would have spit it across the room.  Good thing it was a little too early for the vino.

Here is a darling young lady in a green hat who Sam has a major crush on.

Trust me…here is Sam.  Last night after our birthday party bash he told me this.  “I am going to write her boyfriend and tell him he has to break up with her because I kissed her on her yips (translation lips) at the bowling alley.”

Life Lessons

.  Puberty  comes to every house.  Get ready,  keep a sense of humor….and a bottle of wine available.

.  Be careful what you say because it might end up on a blog somewhere.

.  Sometimes married couples like sex.



  1. I spit my wine! Thanks for this post 🙂

    • That happens a lot to me. susan

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