Posted by: Susan | January 6, 2011

My fun life.

I know you are all so jealous and want to be me because I do so many fun things like this.Shopping at Old Navy for Jake who hates to wear jeans.  I found 2 pair of sweat pants and a sweat shirt for each boy.  They pick out their own clothes but I do have the right to veto.  Next we went to Barnes & Nobel.  The really fun part is that it is on the 3rd floor and you can take either the glass elevator or 2 flights on the escalator. 

I immediately lose Sam in the store.  Find Sam and drag him over to the calendar section.  I am going to have him pick out his own calendar so he will be excited when he does his daily calendar work.  What month is it Sam-Tuesday.  What is the date-January.  See why we need to practice.

Please don’t let him find the Sports Illustrated calendar.  Thank goodness he missed it and picked out a guitar calendar.  A different guitar every month and all the birthdays of rock stars listed.  BTW,  Elvis has a birthday on Saturday. January 8th.  Oh yeah, I learned that from the calendar!

Sam disappeared again and I am looking like a fool calling… Sam, Sam!  Find him in the music section with head phones on and drag him to the Starbucks located in the book store.  Then it is back down 2 flights as  I say my usual, “No tricks on the escalator!”Next we are reunited with Max the Wonder Dog who was waiting for us in the car.  He loves Starbucks but I refuse to share mine with him.Now here comes the part you are really going to want to do.  We dropped the boys off at home and went back to CVS to get a flu shot!  I went first and tried to look brave.  Again my Lamaze training came in handy while I did my transition panting as I got the shot.  I am such a great role model.  April actually watched our friend Sid put the needle in her arm.  I might have panted during that too.

Life Lesson:  Never, ever have a large bowl of homemade Chex Mix next to the computer while you write your blog.  You will eat too much.

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