Posted by: Susan | January 11, 2011

Good news/bad news!

Good news.  The kids are up, dressed have made their own lunches and are ready to walk out the door for school.

Bad news. Schools closed because of this.

Good news: April and I got to visit with my older daughter Jenny and grandson Jack yesterday.

Bad news: Jenny stayed home from work because Jack has walking pneumonia.

Good news: I won’t be driving around like a crazy woman today to get my kids to afterschool  activities.

Bad news: Spirit club and high school intramural basketball and breakfast out with the ladies canceled making for a long……………….day at home.

We will do this

and this



and later this…

While the kids are watching a movie I will put away the last of my Christmas decorations.  The crèche is always out first and put away last.


This is going to be a great day after all.

.  Lunches ready

.  Jack is better

.  Relaxed day ahead with no schedule to follow (this rarely happens)


Life Lesson:  Some bad news can be changed to good news with an attitude adjustment!

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