Posted by: Susan | January 13, 2011

Hooray for the everyday!

We have a rhythm to our daily life and for the most part it revolves around the kids.  Throw in work for Jim, his tennis and choir and my Thursday volunteer time at Sam’s school and the week goes quickly by.  Here is a peek at the last several days.

Monday is dinner with friends until bowling starts and then it is bowling and dinner.

Tuesday is CITE with Jake and intramural basketball at the high school.

Jake is looking at his new Ipod touch and is getting ready to show Mark a new app he can use to count carbohydrates.  The blue pen on the table with the orange top is actually an insulin pen that Jake uses for his injections.  Mark, from CITE services, comes weekly to work with Jake on becoming more independent with his diabetes.

Sorry Jake about the lousy picture.  Notice the book he is holding up. It is all about him and his diabetes.  He uses this to help others understand his diabetes.  The card in front shows a picture of his glucometer and his insulin pen.  I have these cards at the breakfast table, dining room table and on a cupboard by the stove.  This week I don’t tell him to check his blood I just point to picture.  Like any good mom I tell my almost grown kids what to do way to much.  Jake needs to do that on his own.

Wednesday is my favorite because of dance class.

Yesterday April and I went shopping for a dress for an upcoming Valentine’s dance.  We hit up our favorite consignment shop and found this beauty, never worn, marked 50% off.  Not bad for a $15 dress.

She will be gorgeous in this.

After trying on dresses April told me that she wants to start on Weight Watchers and work with a personal trainer again.  I know how you feel April.  I feel the same way after I see my body in the glaring lights of a dressing room.

This afternoon April will go on a job search……………………..again with her employment specialist Catrina.

This afternoon Jake has men’s day where he hangs with 4 friends and jams in basement…not at my house!  Sam will be going with the jr. high ski club to Perfect North.  Friday is basketball for the boys and Saturday all 3 have swim team practice.  Oh yes, Sam plays intramural basketball at his school on Saturday mornings.  On Sunday we head for church to recharge our spiritual batteries and start the week over again.

Life Lesson:  Finding your rhythm  makes for an interesting life.  Hooray for the everyday!


  1. The rhythm of life at the Meyers’ house is a……..jitterbug! Life is too short not to DANCE!!!

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