Posted by: Susan | January 18, 2011

Work it Michael…I mean Jacob.

He walks in the door from school, hangs up his coat, unloads his book bag and hands me his log book for his diabetes.  He is always in a good mood!  He then asks if he can play the Wii and the fun begins.  My guy slips his white glove on one hand and controller on the other and is ready…………….

It’s all about the moves…

and the music

He gets the exercise and I get a mood lift listening to the music…Thriller, Beat It, Billie Jean and the rest of Michael Jackson songs.  Then comes the big finish.

Thirty minutes of fun before we start homework, and dinner and chores.  Thirty minutes before Sam arrives like a tornado to try to claim the Wii.




  1. My brother loves to bowl on the wii…it really helps with that coordination issue!

  2. I love seeing what all your kids are up to– you do such a great job of getting them involved and giving back. The Wii is HUGE at our house, as well.

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