Posted by: Susan | January 19, 2011

Typical Tuesday

What did I do on Tuesday?  After getting the boys out the door for school, posting on my blog and throwing in a load of clothes I went here…to our monthly neighborhood breakfast.

We have had so much snow and cold that cabin fever is starting to set in.  Friends and food give a much-needed break to the dreary days that have settled into the Ohio River Valley.  Then it was home to make lunch for April and Jake (short day at school because of exams).  Next we went here.

At home it was more of blah, blah, blah mom stuff……………………………..until April and I went to Starfire to the last Cafe Conversation.  The topic was R E S P E C T.  Go ahead, you can sing that Aethra Franklin song in your head.  Here were our first questions to discuss The conversations are always so thought-provoking.  The last thing we do is to break into different groups and give our vision for Starfire in the year 2019 keeping in mind our topic of respect.  April helped present her group’s vision.

A great meeting with lots of wonderful stories and sharing.  One member of Starfire told the story of how they had made first aid kits for the Red Cross right before 9-11 and how the Red Cross had called asking for more kits.  People with disabilities making an impact on the world.  Another story about a man with cerebral palsy helping make hygiene kits for the homeless.  All he could do was pick up the tube of toothpaste and put it in a bag that someone opened for him.  He didn’t stay home and feel sorry for himself.  He was at Starfire helping make a difference in the lives of others.  I learned so much more than I shared. 

Life Lesson:  Everybody can make if difference, if given the chance, and should be treated with respect.

If you would like to see how Kelle Hampton is doing in her fund-raising effort click here: Click on the header to go to the fund raising page.  Kelle decided to give a donation for her daughter Nella’s first birthday to the National Down Syndrome Society and invited others to join her.  She has had to raise her goal 3 TIMES…….  The money has come in from mostly small donations and you are not going to believe the amount raised so far.  Check it out to see a darling picture of Nella and read the story of how Nella changed the lives of her parents, family and many, many others.

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