Posted by: Susan | January 20, 2011

Sandwiches and Skiing

Sam and I go early to the Jr. High on Thursday.  He has “gear” to take to school because my guy  is in the ski club.  I need to go early because I am one of the volunteers who helps set up for the Sandwich Project.  Sam is now a helper too.Every Thursday a class or two makes either 250 or 500 sandwiches for the homeless in downtown Cincinnati.  Sycamore Jr. High has made over 10,000 sandwiches since they started the project.  It’s done assembly line style and only take about 20 minutes to make all the sandwiches.  The volunteers get the tables ready before the students come in.  Yes, everyone wears plastic gloves!!!

Mr. Bemmes coordinates the project and after the sandwiches are made he explains that for some people this is the only meal they will get today.  Some kids listen, some kids are bored and some kids are still trying to wake up.

All that matters is that every week 250 or 500 sandwiches make a huge difference and help many people.

After school Sam changes into his ski gear and hops on the bus to head out to the slopes in….Indiana.   This will be his 3rd time and he loves it!  Ski club has been a success for Sam because of the positive attitudes of all the people who help him.  A side benefit is that his teacher (who is one of the chaperones) gets to see if the skills he is learning at school transfer over to real life situations.  They do!

Helping others in the morning and having others help you in the afternoon.  Do you see how that circle works?  Gotta say it again…I love our school district.

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