Posted by: Susan | January 24, 2011

An e-mail to my BFF

BF,  Sorry I didn’t call you back.  Since I am going to become an expert on the Ipod Touch and Ipad I watched 4 tutorials.  OK, maybe I slept through 3.  I then laid on the couch for about 30 minutes with Max.  Prior to my power nap Max was trying to bury his nylabone in my basket of recycled papers.  Just as I drifted off Sam came downstairs talking about, surprise, the Wii.  Later when I went upstairs to get Happy Harry, I mean Jim up, I decided to cover myself up with the blanket and talk to him.  Jacob came in, thought I was on top of Jim and said, “Mom, what are you doing to Dad?”  Running out of the room and down the stairs Jake yelled, “Inappropriate!”  If I would have been drinking coffee I would have snorted it up my nose and spit it out of my mouth.  This was followed by an early dinner where I told the kids that kale was dark green cabbage.  Everyone loved it but Sam.  What else is new?  Dinner was a fun affair with Happy Harry, I mean Jim, complaining about not getting his beauty rest, Sam eating pancakes with salsa and the other 2 eating their dark green cabbage and asking for more.  Family dinners – the perfect time to bond.  We are off to the boys basketball game soon.  Jake’s Youth Group is coming to watch.  Should be fun.

Btw….I might use this email as my entire post for Monday!  :-)

Your BFF

Later that night:

The game was great!  Jake did a cart-wheel when he saw how many of his youth group friends showed up.Warming upSinking free throws

Hustle Jacob!!!

After the game the youth group made a tunnel and I think the team ran through it three times.

Lots of “good job Jake” from his friends. Not to be out done Sam had to show off his abs for the picture.But where is April during all this?  She sat with a friend during the game and then went out to eat with her boyfriend afterwards (he’s on the team too). And now you may be wondering where the Hunk was during the game………..coaching.Notice the official whistle around his neck.  This means he has lots of responsibility.


A great Friday night here in snowy, cold Ohio.

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