Posted by: Susan | January 25, 2011

What do you do when it’s 2 degrees outside?

I woke up Saturday and it was 2 degrees outside.  What I wanted to do was eat 6 donuts, drink 3 cups of coffee, read and stay under my down comforter all day.  Isn’t daydreaming fun???  In the morning I took Sam to basketball and then after lunch I took the kids to the Ice Fest in Hamilton, Ohio.  We layered up with lots of winter gear and were off.I suggested that Jake wear boots and Sam wear ski gloves because it would be cold.  Did they listen……no.  The good news was that the sun had warmed the air up to a toasty 22 degrees. The bad news was the ice sculptures were on the shady side of the street.Sixty five ice sculptures lining High Street all the way down to the Ohio River.

Wait a minute, you might be asking where Sam is…Oh yes, here is Sam begging me for a guitar. Keep moving Sam.  We walked two blocks and found, among other things, the Sword in the Stone.

By block three  Sam was cold and he told me about it every 30 seconds or so.  We found an ice carving competition going on that I found very exciting to watch.

The kids were more  excited when they saw this guy.

By now even I was getting cold so we walked back very quickly to the Arts and Craft show located in a heated building.  April was on a quest to find a new ring and found one made from a recycled watch.  Here she is posing with the artist.

There was even a train display inside.  The day just keeps getting better!

It really was an amazing afternoon.  When we got home I ate 6 donuts, drank 3 cups of coffee, took my book and got under my down comforter to hibernate for the rest of the winter.

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