Posted by: Susan | January 27, 2011

Life around our house

Another cold, gray day here.  This should help… from Trader Joe’s.

April rode the Metro bus to Xavier University to have lunch with a teacher from Project Search.  Tomorrow she goes out again on a job search.  No, she didn’t wear that outfit to lunch.  I just like the picture.  Much cuter than a heavy coat, scarf and hat.

While she was out at lunch and the boys were at school I went to Kenwood Mall…….alone!  Let me say it again…..alone.  I headed for the Apple Store to get some information on the accessibility features of Jake’s Ipod touch.  If you ever wonder where everyone is on Weds. morning just go to the Apple Store.  The mall was quiet but that store was packed.  My new best friend Ande helped me navigate around the Ipod.I was also on a fact-finding mission to find out if there is anyone in the store that could teach a class on the Ipod Touch and Ipad.  These great gadgets can be used  to teach our kids in a new and exciting way and also help them become more independent.  This is the next big thing for people with special needs.

For dinner Jake’s Youth Group was having a fund-raiser at Chik-fil-A.  Perfect, I don’t cook and the money raised will go to the Youth Group’s summer mission fund.  Many, many friends were there.  When this guy came out everyone was happy.

Sam tried to pick up the cute blonde behind the counter.  Meanwhile the cow was hugging everyone in our group.  Turns out that friendly cow was none other than Landon our Youth Group leader.  Jim came home and saw the mascot pictures.  He said it looked like fun and he would like to try being a mascot.  Not gonna happen because mascots don’t talk.


Life Lesson:  You don’t need to talk to make a big impact!

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