Posted by: Susan | January 31, 2011

Dancing the night away!

Saturday night we attended the Winter Wonderland Dance sponsored by the Down Syndrome Parent Group of Greater Cincinnati.  As we were settling in and greeting friends Sam disappeared.  He was off to look for girls and as usual was successful.


Big sister Jenny came to dine and dance.

After dinner was the “Performance”.

After the performance we all joined in and danced and danced and danced.    Do you have a partner?  Great!  No partner-no worries, just dance.

Oh yes, the floor was very crowded but who cares when you are having a great time!

Even big sister was out there.


Jake tried to teach her “Cotton Eyed Joe”, but she couldn’t get the hang of it.


The music drew in all kinds of dancers!

Sam fell in love with this mystery girl in the pink dress.  Rumor has it that he kissed her!!!!!!

I won a gift bag full of goodies.  Sam won a gift card for ice cream and Jenny (not our daughter) won the M&M guessing contest. 

No pretense at this dance.  Everyone was just dancing the night away!


  1. So, we all want to know – did Jenn embarass April in any way at the dance, LOL?

    • Jenny did not embarrass her sister…..this time:)

  2. […] parents, three sibs, and I went to the DSAGC Winter Dance last weekend. My dad and I sat with an amazing couple who have three children, the youngest with DS. […]

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