Posted by: Susan | February 2, 2011

Ground Hog Day and Justin Bieber

On my never-ending quest to teach the kids about holidays, no matter how insignificant they are, the Library Lady read the above book to them last week. BTW, you should get the book to learn all the fascinating facts about Ground Hog Day and that furry little animal.

Today we revisited what we learned last week .  “OK, if Punxsutawnay Phil, Smith Lake Jake, Staten Island Chuck, General Beauregard Lee, Shubenacadie Sam or Wiarton Willie see their shadow what does that mean?  Remember that means 6 more weeks of winter!!!”  What it really means is that if that damn darn ground-hog sees his shadow I will continue to want to hibernate and will come down with a major case of cabin fever.  Over eating high carbohydrate foods might happen too.  No, I didn’t tell the kids that but I am done with winter and there are 6 more weeks to go.  So I guess it is time to segue to Justin Bieber.

Monday night Sam and April attended an outing at Starfire called Valentines for Veterans.  Lots of Valentines were made for the patients in our VA hospital.  We love doing things for the military since our son is in the Marine Corps and Jim is a veteran. 


I returned early to pick up the kids and found everyone signing the large pile of cards that they had made.  Everyone but Sam who was…dancing.  I lovingly said, “Sam sit down and sign those card!!!”

After signing about ten cards I noticed that he was not signing his name but was writing something else. “Sam, what are you writing on those card?”  ” I am signing my name….Justin Bieber.” he replied sweetly.  He signed the next 15 cards or so Justin Bieber.  I was thrilled he could spell Justin Bieber.

My son the rock star.  I wonder if those Vets in the VA hospital know who Justin Bieber is and if they do they must wonder what Justin was doing at Starfire making Valentines.


Happy Ground Hog Day…………please don’t see your shadow you little rodent.


  1. He is soooooooooo hysterical! I love that kid!

  2. I had no idea justin Bieber was a member of Starfire! How exciting!

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