Posted by: Susan | February 7, 2011

It’s 6:28 PM and they still haven’t kicked-off yet! Let’s get it started.*

Waiting and waiting for the Super Bowl to start.  Michael Douglas just narrated a segment that said at the end…..”This is a celebration of their journey, of our journey”.  A gorgeous lead into the coin toss. Green Bay has won the toss and the game is finally starting.  Not yet, there is a commercial first.    I can’t even ask The Hunk to mute the commercials because they are part of the experience.  I did love the reading of the Declaration of Independence.

So where is the Terrific Trio while the Super Bowl is going on?   April is upstairs talking to her boyfriend.  Jake is…………….

playing Angry Birds.  We opted out of a Super Bowl party for Jacob with his Youth Group because we need a break from driving kids to all of their activities.  April just called downstairs that Green Bay just scored so that must have been relayed via the ongoing phone call from her boy friend.  She has worked all afternoon on this…

some sort of game with a theme around The Bachelor TV show.  We will have it this Saturday when her sister and family come over.  Pete (brother-in-law) will be the host and there are roses to pass out that she bought at the Dollar Store.   Where is Sam you  might be wondering?

No, he is not showing off his trophy.


No, he is not showing off his abs.  He is upstairs watching the Disney channel and coming down every 10 minutes for something to eat!


I am holding out for the half- time show.  Jake and I want to watch the Black-Eyed Peas*.  After that it’s off  bed for the boys.  Jake has an appointment for his diabetes bright and early at Children’s Hospital.  My mantra when I go is,Please let me be the first appointment”.

Here is the half-time show.


Have a great Monday.

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