Posted by: Susan | February 8, 2011

A sibling’s perspective on down syndrome and Pajama Day.

Here are the “Sisters”

Big sister Jenny is a speech pathologist and has her own blog.  Today she blogged about what it is like to have 3 siblings with down syndrome.  I think you will really enjoy her post and realize that your other children will benefit from having a sib with DS.

And now on to the other part of this post – Pajama Day.  Jake told me on Saturday that Monday was Pajama Day so we went to Wal-Mart and found these.

But before he went to school today he had to go to his diabetes appointment in downtown Cincinnati.  First he checked in by himself.He told the woman at the check-in desk it was Pajama Day.  Next on to the room to get weighed (114.4), measured (almost 5′) and his blood taken for an A1C test.He told the tech it was Pajama Day.  Next we went into an examination room where an RN asked Jake for his medical information.He told the RN about Pajama day before this happened.

Blood pressure was 94/58 and one minute later  88/48…..I know it’s low.  Next a doctor, in the third year of her fellowship, came in and spent at least 20 minutes with us and of course he told her about PJ day.

When Dr. Elder came in he told her about, well you know by now what he said.

I love Dr. Elder because she listens to what I have to say about Jake’s diabetes.   She includes me in the process and isn’t that what every parent wants? The appointment took 2 hours from the time I parked the car until I pulled out of the parking lot to head back to the high school.  Jake made it back to school in time for lunch.  I had to go inside to pick up a form and guess what?  When I went inside all the kids were walking around in pajamas because as we all know by now today was Pajama Day!  Tomorrow is Twin Day and I have no idea what to do for that.  I will do much better on Neon Day, Hat Day and Spirit Day.  This should be a very fun week at the high school.


How come no one thinks it’s cute when I stay in my pajamas all day?


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