Posted by: Susan | February 9, 2011

An evening of fans and fun.

Having the fans come to dinner before a basketball game is always great fun.  Last Friday night we invited two of the kids biggest fans to dinner at our house.

Wearing a Michael Jackson glove is always a good place to start a conversation according to Sam.


Jake likes to show our guests his school work.  After a lively conversation about school and Michael we move on to the feast.


OK, you probably don’t think dinner looks like a feast but those Sloppy Joe’s are from a Rachel Ray recipe and are fabulous!  After dinner it was on to the game and another packed gym.  The other team looked great in their uniforms and they even had cheer leaders……

We had Sam who danced on the sidelines during the cheerleader’s half-time show and talked to the fans.

Our team prevailed and our record now stands at 2 and 0…………

A victory tunnel was made to celebrate.  Notice the shirtless wonder coming through.

Sometimes you just have to show these muscles off!


Did I mention that these fans, Liz on the left and Kayla on the right, will graduate from UC in the Spring with their Masters in genetic counseling?  These are two dynamic women who care about people with special needs and their families.  Thank you Liz and Kayla for being part of our lives.

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