Posted by: Susan | February 13, 2011

We learn about….how chocolate is made!

Today during our Ohio heat wave, 59 degrees, we decided to go to the Krohn Conservatory and then to our favorite park overlooking the Ohio River.  We only needed our sweaters or sweatshirts and we were off.  Even though it is warm here today everything looks pretty gray until you go in here.

I have no idea who that gentleman in the picture is.  I saw him walking in alone and I bet he was buying a plant for his wife for Valentine’s Day.  I did recognize this guy.

It was so good to see color again.

Jake got the lay of the land for us.

Then it was on to see all the gorgeous flowers.April decided to take pictures of the flowers for her future wedding bouquet.  Sam was checking out the flowering/fruiting grapefruit tree.When am I going to talk about chocolate you may be wondering?  Right after these pictures.

By this time I had lost Sam.  Not to worry there are not that many places in the Krohn to hide.  I found him here, next to a statue.  “Hey Mom look…my cousin.”

And now we talk about chocolate.  Right next to the statue was a table with a cacao bean split open and a book about making chocolate.We learned that the cacao bean pod doesn’t smell like chocolate and where the trees grow.

It takes lots of hard work to go from here…..

To here…… Oh no, she is taking more pictures for her……….way in the future wedding.

Is this guy following us…???

Does this mean I am taking too many pictures?

I would like to keep posting more of my many, many pictures but I am off to make some hot chocolate that as we all know starts with those funny looking cacao bean pods.    Happy Valentine’s Day.

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