Posted by: Susan | February 17, 2011

It’s 61 degrees outside so where are the boys?

We are having a fabulous heat wave here so I told the boys to go…..outside!  Later when I went looking for them I found them here.

A pick up game of soccer without a parent in sight.

That’s not going to be a hand ball.  Jake is goalie.

Good save Jake.

Work it Sam………

Work it Jake.

Oh no, man down!  Check out the upper right corner of above picture.

Notice that the girls are concerned but his brother went to retrieve the ball.  Shake it  off Sam.

To most people it is just another game of neighborhood soccer.  To me it is natural inclusion at its best.


  1. Ha ha – maybe our kids should teach our teachers about inclusion! Maybe they can learn a lesson from all kids….funny how that works – great pictures!

  2. April – on another note are you interested in this project:

    Thanks! Gary

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